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10-29-2012, 03:54 AM
The Aegis set IS mk xii. This is because it actually scales to your level. If you are max level it is the equivilent of MK XII.

The reason it still seems to suck compared to the MACO gear is that the Aegis shield follows the old system of "purple quality equals 3 bonuses" while the STF gear does not.

If i'm remembering correctly the Aegis is a Covarient [Cap]x2 [Reg] with a little bit extra.

The MACO shield is Resilient [Cap]x3 [Reg]x2 [Pla] with a LOT extra.

In summary, Aegis doesn't need a mk xii version (cos it is already) but I feel it does need a buff to bring it closer to the STF gear, given how much work crafting is it should be better than it is. I'm not saying equal to STF gear, just closer than it is now.

IMO should be:

Breen Set
Jem'Hadar Set
Romulan Reputation Sets
Aegis Set
STF Sets

(Best at the bottom of the list obviously)