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10-29-2012, 04:37 AM
I had a crazy idea the other day for a new Aegis set - the idea being that whilst the set would have its own stats and set bonuses, each piece (Deflector/Shield/Engine) could be used as a substitute for another set piece (say KHG) but still contribute towards that sets bonus.

So, currently 3 piece Omega gets you the Gravitic Anchor

2 piece Omega with any other piece does not.

2 piece Omega with 1 x Aegis would get you the Gravitic anchor and the third (Aegis) piece would behave according to its stats.

It'd make a nice stopgap whilst you're trying to complete your sets and give the set a little more purpose - the fact that it's a crafting set is perfect because it means anyone can get hold of it.

*Edit* and if the shield is better/different to the Borg one that'd make a lot of people happier about the Borg set nerf - of course, it shouldn't be MACO-quality but perhaps a decent resilient shield?
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