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10-29-2012, 05:35 AM
I used to be in an inactive fleet, spending every last credit, fleet mark and dilithium crystal just to push my fleet projects forward. The decision to change fleets wasn't easy, after all I've spent much time gathering all available resources and pouring every last one of them into the starbase. With mixed feelings I was browsing in search for a fleet that could take me in. I'm not a big STF or PvP player, sticking mostly to story missions, the Foundry, doffs and fleet projects, so I was looking for a fleet which would accept these traits in a member. By chance, I found <Patientia Sanctimonia>.

What was the first thing that made me like this fleet? The friendly, non-demanding attitude of the fleet leaders, Faith and Kerayu. We chat, we share experience and work together to build a great starbase, everything in a casual atmosphere.

In short:
If You're looking for a casual fleet with friendly, helpful players then <Patientia Sanctimonia> is the fleet for You!

For more info contact @tehburnstep or @AJAndyroo

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