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Originally Posted by ducesettutamen View Post
Well lets take a comparative look at two tier 5 ships. Lets use the Excelsior refit z-store ship and a DSSV modified to your stats, with both captains having 6 points in each warp core skill. We'll use the balanced power option as the disparity only become greater in other options or custom settings.

We would come out with these power levels.

Excelsior- Weapons 78 / Shield 78 / Engine 78 / Aux 78

Niagara- Weapons 78 / Shield 78 / Engine 83 / Aux 83

Mind you, that you still have the Niagara getting the target subsystems sci ability which effectively increases its attack or defense over time by disabling enemy systems.

Now as far as consoles lets run with stock DSSV consoles for the Niagara, so we come up with this.

Excelsior- Tac 3 / Eng 4 / Sci 2

Niagara- Tac 2 / Eng 3 / Sci 4

Now most people would say that the Excel should out tank the Niagara. However we have to factor in the Niagara's greater base shield strength. Her extra Sci consoles to improve said shield, and her greater engine which gives her a defense bonus from her higher speed. In addition she still has that subsystem targeting and a host of Sci abilities to mitigate damage. Along with increase maneuverability to change shield facings if needed.

Damage wise most would still say the Excelsior has the advantage. Now base, unmodified by power; a standard 7 Mk XII Common beam broadside from the Excel would have 1,232 DPS with consoles to bring that up. Now figuring the standard Sci point your nose and tank and spank tactic. A Niagara with 3 DBB Mk XII Common and 3 Mk XII Common Turrets would have a base DPS of 1,083. Now that 150 DPS disparity would only be increased by the added console on the Excelsior. However the Niagara's tank a spank fighting style would allow it to also keep its Quantum torp in play more often than the Excel. In addition her Sci abilities can take down the enemy shield and keep them held in place to fire on that opening. Damage over time the Niagara would win out.

But just for a second imagine a Niagara in defense mode. You be looking at facing a ship with stats like these.

Weapons 79 / Shields 125 / Engines 65 / Aux 65

Which depending on the captain could be flown like a tank, or a Hvy Escort. That is not a ship I would want to face. Good Sci captains are hard to beat, lets not make bad Sci captains just as capable.
Considering we have nt talked about shields, hull or turnrate, why don't we do that before jumping to conclusions?

For the record: I HATE overpowered ships.

What I meant by Science-Cruiser Hybrid was actually a ship that's based on a cruiser (like the Star Cruiser or Galaxy) with an LtC Science and no Science-Specific gimmicks.
That's why I called it a "Diplomatic Cruiser", not a "Diplomatic Science ship".
The idea was to trade an aft weapons slot for extra power, not some OP instawinproboat.