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# 91 re: Requested Assets: Foundry
10-29-2012, 05:59 AM
I would like to request (or vote for) two things:

1) Can the "states" for an NPC be extended to match those of other objects? Specifically, I'd like the ability to set an NPC back to "hidden" - possibly with a different animation. This would allow an NPC to "beam out" after you're done with them, and would improve their use in holodecks.

2) Provide more options for map transitions. It's silly to have to beam down with an away team every time you change non-space maps. I want the ability for the player to go to a map without an escort that has to be parked. I'd also like to simply walk through a door to another map. An example of this is the turbolift on fleet starbases, where you can choose from several maps, don't have to drag around an away team , and don't have to beam to them (as opposed to the example I see in the tutroials, go left to deck 2 or right to deck 4).

I'm new to the foundry; if these things can already be done I apologize (and request more information on how to do them).