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10-29-2012, 06:01 AM
Actually pulled some of my AEGIS set out of mothballs, mostly as a pre-season seven experiment.

Removed the Borg three-piece from my Wells class. Replaced the Impluse engine and deflector with the AEGIS ones and retained the MACO shield. Also placed a Shield Emitter Amplifier (already have a field generator) in the slot that the Borg console had been in.

It didn't do too badly - wouldn't say it's as good as the current Borg 3-piece + MACO shield, but I tried it in a Fleet Alert and it wasn't bad at all - with the use of heals I managed to avoid being killed, and the Thoron Distortion Field (AEGIS two-piece bonus) was actually quite useful, especially when there were multiple ships firing at you.

Subsequently tried it in ISE - wasn't quite as good there, and wished that I had the full AEGIS set on due to the usual Borg plasma-fire spam (which I assume the reactive shielding from having all three AEGIS pieces would help against?)