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10-29-2012, 06:12 AM
I utterly despise the mail system. Mainly its link to the exchange.

When you mail something to yourself, you have to label it in the title as being meant for which character, in case you forget, as every character on an account, regardless of faction, can read and loot messages sent to you by yourself or another player.

Not the exchange mails though. Yes, like the regular mail, all characters can read it, but only the character the mail was meant for can see and remove the attachments. And since these messages are unlabeled, people like me (with a lot of alts) are left with 100s of messages, all marked read, most by the wrong characters, which may or may not contain some left over exchange items for one of those alts. But you have to go through them one by one, on each alt, to check.

And when you've tired of that, you figure, what the hell, I'll take whatever loss for granted, no luck. Before we could wipe mails en masse from the forums. Now, one by one only. The last time I did a mass cleaning (prior to the PWE forum move) after I'd wiped out all 300 messages, about 100 of them came back from the dead. Some of those seemed to still have attachments. Some of those didn't, or were meant for alts that no longer existed and therefor couldn't be seen or claimed.

On the upside though, for you, OP, is that if that's any indication, there is a chance your missing mail may be returned to you by the system all of its own, so I'd keep watching your mailbox for the next few days.

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