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nope EPS consoles do not influence any power drain while fireing your weapons, period. The only 2 instances it is usefull is if you use beam overload and switch constantly between powerlevels. That has been tested by numerous people already and has actually been stated by cryptic too.

on your build: cool build, i give it a 7 out of 10. i think the ET3 is a little too much...for tanking stfs it is kind of too much hull heal, maybe switch it with EPtS3 instead.
then, the aegis 2 set gives you in your case 10% def...thats good but really not worth it compared to the benefits of 2 piece borg + maco shields...even after the set change in season 7. Why? the borg deflector is statwise not that strong, but has +5 aux...more heal on everything and more stopping power with grav well. the engine is weaker than the aegis, but +5 engine energie makes you faster which means more def, not 5% but still has a flat bonus there + the incredible borg setbonus.
personally i rather have the ltdcmd as a tac with TT, torp spread, and APomega or Delta...even beta. does more dmg, and as i see it, tanking stfs is not hard and actually requires only 2 shieldheals and 2 hull heals if you have an engi captain.

honestly i had more success in taking aggro with torpedos...with spread, in the stf case photons [borg] than with fire at will, but that is a matter of taste i guess.

also for CC i use TBR, not Grav well...more effective as an "oh **** there come the nanite spheres" and deal a hell of a lot dmg on stationary unshielded targets...much more than grav well (i also skilled particle generators and TBR synergyzes with APomega)

and why arent you using the heal bot console from the oddy set? and while we are at that, in my opinion the tac oddy would be more suited for fire at will ability...more raw dmg per target than the sci version with sensor analasys.
yes and the field emmiter and the EPS consoles are basically useless, put 2 neutronium and the heal bot cosnoles there instead.

btw, forget team healing...if you tank you tank only...if you have to heal others you are doing something wrong or they are.

so this is what i'm using for elite stf tanking with my engi captain.
use 2 photon torp tubes front+ 2 single phaser cannons mk xii borg and 4 mkxii borg turrets rear.
deflector and engine borg + maco shield MKXII

1 neutronium XI, point defense console, shevron seperation, subspace jump console (change that from time to time with the isomeric charge or the gas cloud console)
1 field generator, assimilated console
3 phaser consoles.
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