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10-29-2012, 07:54 AM
the mail system in sto sucks big time .....

why do we need to mail saying u sold something thing so what if i sold something.

exhcnage item didnt sell and is being retured then for the love of god just have the items go back into my bags.

and for the love of baby jesus pls pls make a delete all mail button and retrive all items button too.

i gave up along time ago with keeping up with deleting the thosands of mail ONLY from exhchange with infomation i want and dont need.

and the constant beeping saying u got mail i only need to hear it once and dont need to see the icon flash none stop while im playing.

sometimes such a tiny change can make a huge differance be nice if the devs focued on the little problems that make a huge improvment to players experance in game.