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10-29-2012, 08:14 AM
I use Tetryon beam arrays and a Borg shield with the console, defector and engines.

On my T5 cruiser I never had a issues with the shields draining. But on my 1000 Day ship ( KDF ), she seems to lose power and the NCP's weapons seem to cut through more often.

So I got seriously curious and ran a few tests.
I used the same mission for this on both my cruiser and destroyer.
The NCP's where Breen ships.

My Cruiser held her shields. Even when firing 6 arrays. Once did I turn a damaged shield away.

My Destroyer lost power to the shields. Even with the shield boost. I removed the Tac boost console in favor of a extra Tetryon power booster. When I had the Tac console on, she lost even more shields, she became a glass canon.
That's why I don't use it. I get extra boost from the power booster then I got with the Tac console.
Also I had to keep moving at high speeds to protect shields, sometime even retreating.

I went into A STF with both ships.
Cruiser beat the hell out of the Borg, even holding up to High Yield Plasma Bolts. Hull damage about down to 90% - 88%

Destroyer struggled and was defeated a number of times. High Yield Plasma Bolts took my hull down from 100% to 40-30% in one shot. Then another normal Plasma Torpedo, took her out.

I even used a Purple MK-XI shield. Again shields were weak and unable to really hold up.

Also, I noticed lag of about 2-4 seconds when using the Battle Cloak, being attacked or not. Yet she uncloaked quite rapidly when a bridge officer spoke. =/

Just my my opinion, but what I see is that they where once again rushed and untested.

Or functioning as designed to get someone to grind the new STF's for the MK-XII shields. But I reject that idea as the MK-XII shields would suffer as well as did the Borg and MK-XI

The Destroyer is a challenge to fly, great speed, and weapon power, but shields just can't handle anything really.

Anyone can run these tests, and come out with different results. But must say that the shields are drained somehow. I've been hearing it around the game.
A bug or working as intend. Only Cryptic knows. If they say it's neither, then I'm calling it.
Also the FED 1000 Day Ship sounds like a re-skinned KDF Destroyer. Most likely is.

As for me...........I'm dumping the Destroyer for my T5 Cruiser.
The Destroyer, seriously junk in my opinion, but could be better if designed better. Some like it, I hate it. And I flew it for a fair while.
If it was a car, I'd send it to a land fill instead of the scrap yard.

Like I said, just my opinion.

And I'm a over 700 Day LTS. So I've seen and tried all builds.

LTS Join Date : September 2010. Boldly going forward because Cryptic forgot reverse.
I am currenty unsupervised, anyone who knows me will inform you that this will likely lead to trouble.=3
As I grind through the valley of XP, I shall fear no nerf.

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