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10-29-2012, 08:15 AM
Nearly ten percent of their player base doesn't matter!

Remember that.

Losing 1/10th of your income means nothing. Especially when your revenue is over all Toilet Level compared to others in the industry. Because well well They say so!

You think they'd realize that 8 percent of us, want to stay here. 8 percent of us, spend more money on Respecs alone to have a disproportionate effect on their revenue. 8 percent of us might be the pvpers.. but I'm willing to wager we give them ALOT more than 8 percent of their revenue.

At this point, just let them get buried pax. Let them pursue a revenue system that's quickly earning the ire, and hate of their consumer base with power creep with each lock box and pay to grind system. If cryptic wants to continue being Stupid and ignore us, then they deserve to fail.

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