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For some reason today all of my boff abilities cooldowns are much longer than they have ever been, i've tried logging out, i've tried removing them all, also tried changing ships and no change. I've talked with members of my fleet and they've tested them and i'm easily getting 2-3 times the cooldown that they are

Directed Energy Modulation I
-me: 2 minutes
-normal: 1+ minute

Attack Pattern Delta II
-me 2 minutes
-normal 45 seconds

Beam Array Overload I
-me 2 minutes
-normal 30 seconds

Cannon Rapid Fire I
-me 2 minutes
-normal 30 seconds

Torpedo High Yield II
-me 2 minutes
-normal 30 seconds.

So um yeah, this is seriously screwed up. I've had 3 people in my fleet double check these for me and they've all reported those normal times, yet i keep getting these much longer times. it's very aggravating and making the game very difficult right now. since i essentially have these abilities only 1/4th the amount of time i should have them.

strangely if i use tactical initiative and they're above 30 seconds, they instantly drop to 30 seconds. and if they're 30 seconds or below it does nothing.

i also seem to be randomly taking more damage than usual, but it might not be related.