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10-29-2012, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
joxertm your entire post was full of BS to the point I stopped reading halfway through.

In no way shape or form was Cryptic "losing money" and dilithium is not money. Get over yourself. This doesn't stop sharing. This stops even SOLO grinding. This stops doffs, period. From the new players ranking up, to the 1000 day vets. This stops it, and along with it it stops fleet progress.
It's a bad move in every conceivable way. They are adding it as an intentional punishment, a bottleneck, because they want to make game an ungodly GRIND. This will be a game breaking "feature" if implemented as such.
Ok, I can't listen to this any longer. IT. ONLY. SLOWS. THINGS. DOWN!!!!!!

How did you get your doffs before the doffgrinder came around!?

And let's not forget you still have access to specialized recruitment (cultural exchanges, career-specific cadres), not to mention the fact that there are far more ways of getting doffs now than there were back then. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING FOR DOFFS, AND IT'S ONLY DELAYING THE STARBASES!
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