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10-29-2012, 08:32 AM
I think it did need some sort of price point (right now its virtually free) but the cost on tribble is way too high.
I've never disagreed that some increase wouldn't be a bad idea, just that the tribble move is way too far the other way. It's between a 30 and a 50 fold increase. IMHO 50/250/1000 would be fine. Still cheap enough to upgrind whites to greens, (which makes shoving everything through the embassy's pracical), and if you need to upgrade a few spare greens to blues, or you have a bunch of bad blues you'd like to upgrind to purples, you can, it just won't be a pittance to do it.

The current prices on tribble though are so far beyond resonable that they make it unusable, even without the other dilithium sinks we have.

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