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10-29-2012, 09:34 AM
The BOFF setup was in the link but here it is again:

Commander Tactical Station
TT1, C:RF1, AP:O1, C:RF3

Lt. Commander Tactical Station
T:HY1 C:SV1, AP:O1

Ensign Tactical Station

Lt. Engineering Station

Lt. Science Station

Attack Pattern Omega has a recharge time of 1 min, 2 AP:Os and Tactical Initiative allows me to run it almost constantly. Shall i replace a C:RF with another attack pattern? Such as Delta or Beta? Or perhaps a torpedo skill?

I'll experiment with the Omega Engines, Deflector, and MACO Shields.
I assumed the EPS console helped the recharge speed after weapon drain, so i'll switch it out for a RCS console, and move my cloaking device up to engineering and should i slot another Emitter Array?

Should I respec and put points into torpedo skills? Also how should i change my BOFF layout to accomadate the torps/mines?

I'll get onto the DOFFs

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