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10-29-2012, 08:56 AM
I would recommend getting rid of the EPS and Field Emitter arrays.

You could put in another Neutronium Alloy and/or Field Generator. If you are going to put in an RCS console, swap out the Borg engines for a Omega and change your shield to MACO.

On my Tactical Escort Retrofit, I have the following:
Engineering consoles - RCS mk XII (purple), Assimilated Module, AMS (I will swap this console with Subspace Jumper or Vent Theta Radiation)
Science consoles - Tacheyokinetic Converter, Cloaking device (I will swap this with Subspace Jumper)

Is there a reason why you chose to put so many points into your ground abilities? You should be just doing the bare minimum on that and putting those points into other skills (like, Power Insulators for instance). That's really my only complaint about your build.

I am a proponent for all cannon escorts. Putting points into tordpedo damage/criticals in your build for one torpedo seems like a waste for me.

You should have 2 Tactical Teams, as they act as an automatic shield redistribution skill. With 2 of them, you can have them up almost all of the time.

In my build, I opted for one AP:O1 and AP1. This allowed me to have C:RF3 and 2.

If you're going to use Chroniton torpedoes, consider ditching T:HY and just stick with T:S1. Hitting three targets on your aft has the potential of slowing/reducing the turn rate of all of them. Chroniton torpedoes are pretty weak out of all of them.

For my Doffs, I run Shield Distribution Officers x3, Hazard System Officer x1, and an Energy Weapon Officer.

For modifiers on your weapons, I would recommend going with ACC on your turrets. CritD on your fore. I ran tests against a ship with 81%+ defense with just a single DHC with CritDx3, and my accuracy was over 80% with a sample of 500-750+ shots.

Meanwhile, my fleet mate tested his [crith]x3 and [acc]x3 turrets on my 80% defense, and we found that the [acc]x3 gave his turrets 80% accuracy, while the [crith]x3 turret gave 60% accuracy. But, he found the DPS on the [acc]x3 to be 150, while the DPS on the [crith] was 160+. So, for the aft, it really depends on if you're going for DPS or chances to proc. Considering the lower damage output of turrets, you'll probably want to go for the latter.

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