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10-29-2012, 10:07 AM
I had used Star Trek canon as a reference to show the bias and inconsistancy in the game. The canon argument was not show what torpedos are supposed to do for damage but to show how far the Devs went to give certain ships an advantage over others. I had started another agument about bringing the DPS of beams to to level of cannons but of course it met stiff opposition from players who use cannons. Torpedos is another matter. One contradiction in just this game is that the torpedos comming from NPC's do great DPS to shields while player's torpedos are nerfed. The bais is when torpedos are ineffective for use on a cruiser since it's beams can not strip down shields, while use on an escort is highly effective because it's cannons easily strip down shields, leaving an exposed hull to be destroyed by torpedos.