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Honestly? Canon is a fantastically stupid way to build a game, for several reasons:

1) Most importantly, Star Trek canon is notoriously inconsistent with itself. In any given episode, the writers were more interested in trying to tell a good story than they were with keeping everything consistent across five different live-action series, ten movies, and god-knows how many tech manuals, blueprints, official guides, novels, comics, cartoons, etc. In truth there is no 'one' canon, most people can (and do) take whatever bits they prefer, and handwave away the rest.

2) Canon is restrictive. Even if there were one perfect, internally consistent canon, treating it like a sacred scripture would be horrifically limiting. Since there is a document somewhere that says that Galaxy class phaser arrays are supposedly the most powerful in Starfleet, you now have to make that happen, regardless of the fact that later ships like the Defiant, Prometheus, and Sovereign classes are logically supposed to be 'more powerful' warships. Moreover, you are forced to eliminate whole sections of Star Trek Fandom, because they don't 'fit' - like TOS uniforms? Too bad, those are out-of-date. Like the Excelsior class? Sorry, it's obsolete! Etc. Finally, if you treat canon as a bright boundary around what is acceptable, then you can never progress the story, because every new ship, new race, etc. you add is now 'not canon'.

3) Canon was never, ever designed with an eye towards gameplay. STO is a game, and therefore has different needs than the writers who were creating static narratives. In a movie, we don't really care that a particular ship is more/less powerful than another, or that we can't quite tweak the ship to look/act the way we want, or whatever. We are merely watching the story, not participating in it. Once you are in a game, and ostensibly are a part of the narrative, everything changes - few people are interested in playing a game where they are the perpetual underdogs, for example. Thus, if you stick to 'canon', where a particular ship is 'the best' because a writer said so for plot reasons, then EVERYONE will want that ship - which creates a problem when someone points out that in canon, there were only like 12 of that ship built, so everyone else has to make do with something else. That's highly lame.

Ultimately, if something really bothers you as being 'not canon', all you have to do is do what the Star Trek writers did - spend 5 minutes coming up with a technobabble explanation to cover it. I'll get you started:

As designed, the Prometheus class starship lacked rapid-fire torpedo launchers, as there were concerns that the hull stresses from rapid launches might bind the delicate connectors for the Multi-vector system. However, by 2374, advances in inertial dampener technology enabled far better recoil compensation for torpedo launchers. This, coupled with continuing developments in weapons miniaturization, led to a general refit of the Prometheus' torpedo systems, enabling each launcher to fire up to four torpedoes in rapid succession.

Easy. Give me your next canon issue and I'll solve that too
Well spoken, though I agree with the other poster as well.
This thread quickly devolves into " I want .........." and becomes completely unbalanced way often.
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