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Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
Well said pax! A smart company would go nuts even if they would loose 5% of their player base or income.

Problem with cryptic is that there is nobody that can see the pvp potential in their management, their lead devs plain suck at pvp and also hate it. Better invent a weapon with 10 additional procs than improving pvp, right? At least you can one shot the Borg soon...

Cryptic hasn't gotten it and won't get it... They will kill pvp in the game and then it will be very hard, if no impossible to get it back. Also, pvpers are te biggest spenders in the game, not pveers. Why would you get acc x3 weapons for pve? Or whatever doff? Or for that reason any box ship? And why do we need to tell cryptic all those things? They should've known them already...
well, borg is one shot-able already thanks to trics

I don't see it that way. I just don't think that cryptic really cares about pvp in their game. The vision they have for STO obviously does not include pvp. No matter what they say, their actions speak louder than words or in this case broken promises. Any one of these seasons could have been pvp oriented if it was at all important to them. Hell, one of the seasons was SUPPOSED to be pvp oriented then it was sweeped under the rug. There history has blatantly shown their priority for pvp, and there present decisions show that this hasn't changed in the least. Bort has been our only ray of hope, but what there going to bury us in with S7 content is more than even he can fix. If none of this tells us their intentions and vision is for this game, nothing will