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10-29-2012, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by portgazd View Post
Hi there,

I'm sure I like doffing as much as the next trekker out there. but i've just been on the tribble test server and checked out the "doffgrinder" that uses 5 doffs of a lower quality and upgrades them into a new doff of a higher quality (just iterating in case anyone doesn't know what i'm rambling about).

Well they now have new dilithium prices to upgrade, and not the good kind.

common to uncommon: 600(specific race doff contact) and 500(personnel officer)
Uncommon to rare: 3000(specific) and 2500 (personnel officer)
Rare to V rare: 6000(specific race) and 5000(at personnel officer)

Also General recruitment packs now cost 1000 dilithium as well.

These changes are live on the Tribble Server. I just wanted to get the word out and wanted to know what your thoughts were to those that have not checked out the tribble server in game or in the forum notes

Honestly I see no point in using the upgrinder ever again.

Selling the blue doffs on the exchange and buying the purple doff yopu want is the only way to go now.

They really crapped the bed on this one. They think people will use 10 times more dil, but you'd have to be pretty bad at math to pay 5k/ 5 doffs for a totally random purple.

Even those horrid enough at math that do use it will probably figure out thier mistake after a dozen unwanted doffs.