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Originally Posted by blockbusters View Post
At one point this character was primarily for ground pvp, now i have a different character for that.

I just tested going without the alloy, it didn't survive as much, and i was whizzing around like a wasp.

I don't have the TachyoKinetic Converter at the moment, what would you reccomend there?

I'm using chronitons for the slow effect, lowers the targets defense whip around fatally hurt them or blow them up.
I don't use the alloys and I do just fine in PvP. But, if you can't live without it, I'd say use a second one in place of the EPS console.

If you do plan on getting the Converter at some point, you can put in an RCS console in place of the EPS for the time being.

I used to use the Field Generator until I got the Converter. If I didn't have the Converter, I'd go back to that. Once you get the Converter, you probably won't need the RCS console, as the Converter has a 22.9% increase in your turn rate...almost on par with the RCS MK XI (rare).

I chose to have the purple RCS MK XII and Converter equipped at the same time, because I'm obsessed with increasing my turn rate. As it is now, my turn rate, 52/30 engine power, is 42.6%. Almost as good as my B'rel Retrofit torpedo boat uncloaked.