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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Cole: of course. Would you like a drink. I har anything from water to Romulan ale.
*Soval sits down, resting his staff on the wall beside his chair.*

Soval: Vulcan Tomar Tea, please. At my age, I must be wary what I drink.

Amusing, seeing as I'm only 145. Starfleet Medical suggests it may be T'lak's syndrome.

But, we have more pressing matters than an aging Ambassador's health.

As you said, you know of what happened to me during the Shadow War. What you don't know, is that after the war, Siraga and then-Captain Allington placed a program inside my mind to prevent the Shadows grasping hold of my mind again. It worked. The program's been passed down to my children, and my grandchildren.

This presented no problem, but, T'mar is unique, as I suspect you've noticed.

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