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So if we designed thew layout of meach ship acording to canon then the akira class (armitage class) would have the abilty to fit 15 torp tubes. hmm that would be a tad over powered, so how thay get round it? with a consule. You can have the ships to the same specs as the shows it would be a technical nightmare.

but a 15 torp tube set up akira would be fun
No, I didn't say anthything weapon layout but it would only be fun if player torpedos were not nerfed to less than NPC level. There is no game period, that can match canon schematics of weapon numbers because the computer will get bogged down trying to keep up with every fuction. I don't expect the game to let you fire all of the Sovereign's 16 phasers and torpedo launcher. I was trying to point out the contradiction of this game making ships, that aren't designed to fire torpedo spreads, fire 6+ torpedos at one target while the ships, that are designed to fire torpedo srpeads, fire 3 or 4 torpedos at one target. I hope in the future they will gradually add weapon slots to ships so they can get closer to their numbers.

The weapon layouts they have right now are just a basic numbers the Devs picked to keep the program simple. It could of been more or less. Canon layouts can reflect the basic fuction or performance of the ship. For example, the Defiant's canon class comes with quad phaser pulse cannons, so that what should of been on the ship from the start. The ship should have the same shield modifier of 1 as the other ships because it has not been shown as a ship that can take alot of hits from a capitol ship, but rather dodge them. Then let the player decide if he wants to modify his shields, weapons, and engines. BOFFs, I think, should be universal to let the players decide whether his ship will be Tac , Sci or Eng oriented. Also I think the console slots should be universal as well so players can put what ever console that he likes instead of DEVs dictating on how many of certain types consoles can be applied.

The best example of Devs customized ships are the lock box ships. All of them serve completely different purpose that the player is pretty much left out of the loop in customization. One that "takes the cake" is the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, that seems to be the hardest to kill ship in the game for its, speed and shield durability. The Devs wanted to make it a PVP juggernaught so they gave it extra power mods across weapons, shield, and engines. Canon would of dictated that it couldn't play the juggernaught role becaue it was one the easiest destroyed ship in the show. Once mated with the Borg kit, then its indestructable. Other lock box ships come with their own perks that are customized by the Devs and not the players, thus making a race on who can get the "I Win" ships first. They should make things to where players can make their own "I win" ships out any class ship they want.

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