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10-29-2012, 12:20 PM
Aegis set has always been my favorite set, the STF and Borg ones are kinda meh in their presentation, the MACO one is the only one that I like. I like the idea of it being something we've created by researching other ship technology and modified it to our useage. Personally though, I tend to run resilient shields, positron deflector, and combat impulse engines, which no set thus far uses.

From what I've heard, Aegis reaches MK X only, not XII. I'd assume that this is because MK X was basically top of the line when it was introduced (before RA Upper and Vice Admiral were added) and it has been left in the dust. The main reason STF gear is all plasma oriented is because the Borg use plasma weaponry (and because everyone uses STF stuff, Plasma is thus nullified). I don't believe that they originally intended the Borg to be the only STF baddie available, otherwise this is a poor design choice. Variety is the spice of life, and if people had other STFs to do and other gear to acquire, then plasma would be more of an option.

In short though, I support a new or revised Aegis design (we have since dealt with more advanced foes from its initial development, I think it needs an upgraded version, or a "mark II"). If the Breen and Jem sets aren't meant to be end-game sets, then we need more end-game sets for variety (Is the Romulan set even considered "end-game"?). To me, all sets are "end-game", seeing as there are none "start-game" or "mid-game" anymore.