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Hands Soval his tea as cole pours a glass of Romulan ale.

Cole: yes I have read most of her medical record.
Soval: Thank you. *Takes a sip of his tea and holds it in both hands*

I believe her advanced telepathy may be making it easier for the Shadows to make contact with her mind.

The program doesn't just act as a firewall, but as a defence system. If a shadow tries to inhabit T'mar's body, the program tries to destroy it. Her mind and body are literally a battleground.

When the Shadow began to lose footing in her mind, it began attacking her body from outside.

Not only did it start damaging her body, but the battle in her mind intensified. She went catatonic, and her lower brain functions began to fail. With her Central Nervous System shutting down, she is dying.

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