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10-29-2012, 01:03 PM
Seems like a lot of work re-coding something when there was a simpler solution.

Remember all those weapons designed to hammer Borg, that you get in the Omega booth at DS9?

I suspect that simply adding those bonus procs know, assimilated borg tech?

Might have accomplished the same OBJECTIVE they stated in the blog as the reason for changing the set from 3 Piece to 4 Piece.

ie it wouldn't have impacted PvE much, but it WOULD impact builds in PvP-said builds being the source of much of the complaints they're 'responding' to.

Unfortunately, as a player who's VERY active in supporting their fleet starbase, and knows how the Fleet systems are priced out, the changes are, frankly, unwelcome-I can't afford to kit out my existing ships from the Fleet store, I don't have a steady stream of Dil. coming in at over 10k a day or more to devote to all the new 'sinks' for 'excess dilithium' that the devs are creating, and the assimilated sets currently had one, singular advantage over KHG and Omega...

They're currently (Pre 7) affordable to players who only grind for a couple hours a day instead of devoting full workdays to nothing but STF's.

MkX KHG parts require (at present) 20 EDC's Per requisition, the XIs require 40, XII's are the only ones that you can't steadily work to-and are therefore, as is appropriate...


Ditto for Omega, or (Fedside) MACO.

Legacy bits (Assimilated set), currently, are 5 EDC's per piece, no requisition required, if you do the canned-and-scheduled "Assimilation" mission, you get Piece 4 of the set. While this is sub optimal for Escorts, it works pretty well as-is on Cruisers (or, surprisingly, BoPs.) provided you skill and build the rest of your ship accordingly. (i.e. set up with Neutronium in your engie spaces and shield arrays in your sci-think "Hull tank" instead of "Shield tank").

But at present, the Assimilated set really is...well...'entry level' compared to the three-piece sets from the same source. The at-present price differential between 15EDC (15 'normal STF's or 7 'Elites'+1 Normal) Plus one Episode mission, vs. over 30 Elite STF's for Mk X or over 60 for MkXI (and again, won't even go into drop rates for MkXII) means that maybe the 'entry level' set shouldn't BE as good on some aspect, maybe it SHOULD take up more space in your build, or have weaker shields if you run it (relative to OTHER STF sets that cost more/require more invested time and effort to obtain), after all, it's got that little 'infinity' symbol that means it levels WITH YOU.

NOW, they're changing it from a 4P set that is pretty accessable, to a 3P set on a Marks/Dilithium pricing structure akin to what we see with Fleet Gear, which is LESS accessable to players whom don't "Pay to win" (aka BUY the Dilithium in mass quantities).