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10-29-2012, 12:30 PM
+1 for the thread pax. Well done.

But I have to agree with kingofsandbox's post right beneath your opening. Not only were we to have one season be about pvp, we were told that 2 seasons were supposed to be about pvp, and weren't. Someone made a post in another thread "...have we not made it clear what we want you to do?" it's not pvp. The management is as much carebear as the majority of the playerbase, and they make that quite obvious with every craptastic decision and addition to this game.

I miss my starships, and if it weren't for this game would probably not have found the joy that is pvp, and would not be testing/playing other titles that offer much better pvp gameplay these days. But that's what cryptic has done, to a great many people. And cryptic is also making it so that if one doesn't get started on the new grinds now, one is at a further competitive disadvantage the later one returns, making that occurrence highly unlikely, and if likely, quite distasteful.
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