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I see many posters here stating that they are not enjoying their game time with PvP in STO any more. I can see why, but I think that these negative emotions are something that can be avoided in favor of having fun with the game again. Here is my advice on how to achieve that for you, without any dev typing a single line of code:

1. Don't take it too seriously. This is a game for entertainment. We do this because we want to have a fun time. It is not a secondary job, not a serious matter, and battles are just pixels on screens and bits in computers. Have fun with it, and laugh about goofy stuff that may happen. It is a game!

2. Enjoy what you have, don't think about what could be.
Sure, one can imagine lots of new stuff we'd want be able to play on. But what we already have is fun in itself, with maps that are useable, a queue system that can give you exciting game experiences sometimes, and the option to do private matches as well, even an open PvP zone! Enjoy that! It is fun, more Trek fun than any of us had four years ago.

3. There is always balance. And never.
In any game, you will see things that are "exploitable" or might lead to this or that option not being what you would want it to be. Sure, mechanics, rules and new gear might make certain ship types obsolete (at least for a while), or put certain captain types at a severe disadvantage. But from all the new or changed options, there will always emerge a new balance, a new way stuff can be done in the game. Finding that new balance can be fun!
Likewise, no two game mechanics can, by nature of the game being a dynamic system, ever be perfectly equal, or even be close to that. There is no balance other than the one we find while playing!

If you truly grasp what these three points mean, you will find a lot of fun in this awesome game.

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