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10-29-2012, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post actually a really good idea. You've got my vote.
It's an idea that's got zero traction anywhere but the forums (where it would have limited traction). The REAL purpose of the changes, is undestandable by simply 'getting' the business model necessary to support the game and make bills (including liscence fees to CBS/Paramount and payments to PWE and their investors).

The test for the Rep system was the Fleet system. People bought more, so they expanded and adjusted the same model before creating the Rep systems, and with those, the need for rewards-well, the easy way is to change the existing reward structures while limiting dil. Refining capacity and adding additional Dil. pricing (it's a basic supply/demand model).

This accounts for EVERY statement in the Dev. Blog about the new systems, changes to old STF gear, and, of course, locking away your EDCs/salvage in a "Locked account" that only opens AFTER you've invested in the appropriate "Rep" system.

It's not about gameplay, it's about financing, and Pay to Win is a viable model for finance.