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You can have dreadnaughts, but you have to have a certain number of people in a group for them to spawn (3-4 I think). I'd have to guess that most people play solo, so they won't ever get to see them.


5) We can't read your mind. Author's cannot know what sort of characterization you've come up with your captain and crew. We can't know what race they are. We can provide you with some dialogue options, but if none of them happen to fit what your captain would say, we really can't do much about it.

6) In addition to music, we can't control many of the in-game sounds on ground maps. There are some background sounds we can set on space maps, but not for ground. We can add a few objects that have sound effects associated with them, but for the most part anything you hear is built into the map itself, so if something sounds out of place, its something we can't control.
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