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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Here are example stats:

Tier 5 Military Scout.

Commander Science
Lieutenant Commander Science

Lieutenant Engineering
Lieutenant Tactical
Ensign Tactical

Crew: 150
Turnrate: 15
Hull: 33,000
Shield mod: 1.0
Weapons 3/2
No Subsytem targeting
Sensor Analysis
Can use Cannons

Bonus Power:
+5 Engines
+10 Aux
My only solid input is that I think 3 Engineering console slots are too much and 2 Tactical console slots are not enough for a Klingon vessel. I'd swap them around. Scout ships are still basically tactical in nature, even if they might have a sensor/science focus.

Engineering consoles are needed on "Stand and Fight" ships, whereas this one would clearly be more in the "Hit and Run" category. 3 Engineering consoles along with a Lt Engineer makes this ship too tanky for what it should be.
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