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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I'm sure Zeronius has read at least one of those. But that they haven't made a statement, because they haven't made a decision on what, if anything, to do.
This. As soon as they say something, and then need to change due to what's best people, would rage. They ran into this problem before. It was a rough course for Stahl but he's now a master at the developer language and rhetoric.

As for what's presented. I'm all for the first one. Having it so they need to pick a rating is a good one, not just default three. It's not obtrusive, I doubt it's too hard to set up (but I don't have a real clue to be honest), and will lead to a bit more thoughtfulness from some folks IMO.

The second I don't agree with. I'm all for a rework of the system mind you, but, I'll be honest when I say I think the anonymity is a good thing. There are some authors here, good ones, but have the pull of different communities and foundry groups that I'd hate to enrage and get on a black list because I thought something they made was a 3 star and not a 5. If anything they deserve a rating since I played it, I'd rather not shortchange them by leaving it blank.

Last time I left a 2 star with my name next to it I had to deal with a whole storm of trouble that I'd not want to repeat.