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10-29-2012, 02:09 PM
im not sure how your supposed to avoid feeling biter, angry and disappointed when something you enjoy is, by choice directly or indirectly, slowly made worse as time goes by. not improved, made worse. it doesn't mater if its a game or something more tangible, its something im invested in and the dev's choices continue to negatively effect it. and all we can do is watch it circle the drain.

we cant do anything but protest at this point, hoping something good will happen eventually, and trying to prevent some of the more overpowered things from ever going live.

but then theres the vesta. here is what we know, before seeing a single official stat.

its been said repeatedly that its a sci ship, meaning 6 weapons, com sci station, more maneuverable then a cruiser, innate subsystem targeting, and sensor analysis.

we also know thanks to tribble tool tips for 45 degree arc cannons and carrier pets that a multipurpose sci ship can use them. this is referring to the vesta.

that means a sci ship that has good maneuverability will have at least 1 hanger and be able to use DHCs. it can do everything, it wasn't even this much of a mary sue in it's books. unless it has stats like a bop, and it wont, think recon sci stats, its going to be the most overpowered thing ever introduced.

and pvp does another lap around the toilet bowl.
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