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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I really don't get all the complaints about the Vesta...

...when you consider there will likely be a Fleet Vesta down the road.

Besides - what about the Andorian battlecruiser later this year?
Then allow me to enlighten you, young one. PvP thrives on tactical and strategic choices, using ability choice, gear choice, Captain choice, ship choice, and the almighty teamwork combination of those choices to force situational imbalances in your ("your" and "you" are used in the context of a team of players) favor while attempting to turn over situations where you would be at a disadvantage. This all occurs in a mostly blind situation where you can't see with certainty anything other than your opponent's Captain and Ship types until after the initiate.

When you add ships like the Vesta (looks, at the moment) that are well rounded without clear significant weaknesses, you get a tool that is extremely powerful and one that mostly obosoletes other tools given that it has fewer weaknesses relative to its strengths, which directly translates to having the upper hand in more situations, and being wrong footed in fewer, before combat ever takes place.