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10-29-2012, 04:58 PM
I think you're right about ET3, I rarely use it, maybe I can drop that entirely to add some EWP. I generally don't like mismatching my EPtS ranks, but maybe I could switch out to have a single TSS II and use it with EPtS I and solo EPtS III. That just feels awkward though...

I'll have to compare numbers on the Borg deflector vs the Aegis one, but I have a feeling that the +5 to aux power granted by the Borg model grants less benefit than the skill bonuses offered by the Aegis and MACO deflectors, as far as shield heals go. This should be pretty simple to check, just fly around Starbase 1 and switch between deflectors to see which gets the better values. If the Borg set does in fact have superior heals, then might as well get the 2-piece set bonus to go with it. If not, however, relying on a proc-chance hull heal isn't as good as relying on stronger heals I can use whenever I need them. I'll edit this post after I check the numbers.

Edit: With the Aegis Deflector and my current skills and power levels:
EPtS I: 1414 Shield Heal
TSS II: 692.3 Instant Shield Heal, 197.3/second Shield Heal, 12% Damage Reduction
AtS III: 5189 Hull Heal, +34.7 All Resistances
HE II: 8302.5 Hull Heal over 15 seconds, +14.7 All Resistances
With Borg Deflector and my current skills and power levels:
EPtS I: 1345 Shield Heal
TSS II: 688.6 Instant Shield Heal, 196.2/second Shield Heal, 12.5% Damage Reduction (healing went down, but resistance went up)
AtS III: 5597.3 Hull Heal, +36.3 All Resistances
HE II: 8955.7 Hull Heal over 15 seconds, +15.4 All Resistances
With MACO Deflector and my current skills and power levels:
EPtS I:1418.6 Shield Heal
TSS II: 694.5 Instant Shield Heal, 197.9/second Shield Heal, 12% Damage Reduction
AtS III: 5189.1 Hull Heal, +34.7 All Resistances
HE II: 8302.5 Hull Heal over 15 seconds, +14.7 All Resistances

Hard to say which would be best. Aegis and MACO have better shield healing stats while Borg has better hull healing stats and resistances. Of course, once Season 7 goes live my Borg Deflector will be automatically upgraded to MkXI, giving it better stats than it currently has, although that will likely have no impact on shield healing values. Also the +5 to shield power on the Aegis Deflector does give it some additional shield resistance built-in, so it might come down to which 2-piece set bonus is better, the chance for a hull heal/resistance or a passive defense boost (MACO 2-piece really isn't worth mentioning).

I figured Torpedo Spread would have much the same issue as Cannon Scatter Volley, limited targeting arc, and that it would also be less reliable at dealing damage, as shielded targets will take significantly reduced damage, meaning I'm accumulating less threat. Fire at Will just seems like it would be more reliable. Of course, I'm using Hargh'Pengs which can't be used with any Torpedo abilities anyway, but I may consider switching to Spread if I can find a good weapon to replace them with. Of course that would necessitate another part of my skill respec, I currently have no points at all in Projectile Weapons.

TBR definitely seems more useful when it comes to repelling the Nanite Spheres and Probes, but it's also much more situational. If I happen to be on the wrong side of the target, I obviously can't enable the ability, whereas I can use Gravity Well from any side for the same effect. I flew a few STFs with a fleet member who made good use of TBR for Spheres and Probes, but he also tried to use it against bosses like Donatra, which just made it that much more annoying to destroy them since they would suddenly be moved out of firing range of one or more members of the team. Gravity Well can be used against any target with pretty much no downsides, even if it does less damage (I have no idea about the damage output on these abilities, and I specced for Gravity Well pull strength, not damage).

I tried using the Worker Bee console that came with my Science Odyssey. It turned out to be nearly worthless, the healing effect was negligible, required that my hull already be somewhat low, and I saw them being shot at quite a lot, especially by the Gates in STFs (they were being actively targeted), between intentional fire and AoE damage they were often destroyed before they could do their work. Maybe they were bugged when I first used them, but they didn't seem worth taking up a console slot. Might be time for another try.

I don't actually have the Tactical Odyssey, I initially only got the Science model, and later picked up the Engineering model for Chevron Separation to give me better sustained battlefield mobility. I'm only using my stipend for purchases, so I have to wait a fair amount of time between new ships, and I'd rather buy something different than yet another model of the same ship I already own, besides the fact Sensor Analysis is nearly as good as a third tactical console without needing to actually have said console, giving me more space for other stuff.

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