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10-29-2012, 05:17 PM
Doesn't help that the new 1000-day ships can pack it, given the guys who charge in guns blazing in their fancy escort thing and picked up TBR2 because it does the most damage for a sci skill. Maybe if they took the damage out of TBR, or just nerfed it to be have only enough punch to use against small craft and torps. And this said as someone who uses it to pound the heck out of cubes all the time, let alone the CC abilities. But maybe if it was JUST a tool and didn't do much as a weapon, the stupid people that try and use it as some kind of shotgun and go back to Jam Sensors and such. I'd be willing to give up the damage-dealing ability if it meant stupid people would stop taking it and using it badly. In the right hands its wonderful, but for people who don't think beyond their own DPS....ugh.