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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
All these comments sound like KDF players complaining that their ships won't be king of PvP anymore. Are you upset that the Feds might have a equal or better ship for the first time - come on let's get to the truth.
were are these superior kdf ships? is it the raptor? the worst escort? is it the bop, an escort with less durability and less firepower? there is a full fledged fed escort running around with all the bops best possible station setups already, and they are MUCH more durable as well. cruisers? well kdf cruisers are better at dealing damage, but when they are doing that well they arent supporting worth a damn so the kdf team never has much for team healing. sci ships? well a bop can sci, but sci in a way that more easily sets up its own ambush, it cant hang around and sci debuff for the duration.

fed escorts are better at doing an escort's job, fed cruisers are better at doing a cruisers job, and they have sci ships, as apposed to not having sci ships. getting out played by kdf players has nothing to do with the respective ships
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