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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
I like it tbh. Sadly I will only affects abilities that are affected by some sort of science skill. For example Polarize Hull is not affected by anything (bad bad Cryptic), hence it won't profit from this. But several engineering abilities will, like shield heals.
Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
It boosts science skills.


HE benefits from none of these. It will get no benefit. End of story.

Also this is a 5 second buff. Ypu'll get maybe 4 seconds of enhanced TSS healing before it wears off if i understand how buffs work with over time abiklitis right.
Well I'm going off the resist word in Bort's post:
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
but it also grants a massive boost to the RESIST skills that can help players escape or shrug off incoming control effects.
Surely that'll be polarize hull, and as HE has a resist factor that'll be included.
Although he says resist pertaining to control effects. I'm not sure what "control effects" specifically are.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic
allowing players to really boost the damage or debuff ability of whatever aux-based powers they can get off in that time.
Whilst HE and PH are heavily influenced by Aux power they're not damage or debuff. So unsure where buffs fall into it, if at all.

Would be good if Borticus could clarify on what "resist skills" means and "whatever aux based powers" and if the likes of HE, TSS or PH get helped by this skill or not.
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