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10-29-2012, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by recksracer View Post
Honestly I see no point in using the upgrinder ever again.

Selling the blue doffs on the exchange and buying the purple doff yopu want is the only way to go now.

They really crapped the bed on this one. They think people will use 10 times more dil, but you'd have to be pretty bad at math to pay 5k/ 5 doffs for a totally random purple.

Even those horrid enough at math that do use it will probably figure out thier mistake after a dozen unwanted doffs.
And who in their right mind, after reading all this, would go out and BUY blue DOffs on the exchange after knowing that they would pay a double price to try and convert them up? Face it. After these changes come into play the only DOffs that will be worth anything on the market would be those that are A) used directly in Starbase production or B) already purple quality. Blue DOffs will only be really useful for players who are just starting out.