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10-29-2012, 06:04 PM
im over due for posting something here, i'll start with a good, simple tactical excelsior build. the excelsior is one of the cheapest, and best ships you can get in the c store, and is a great ship for a tactical captain that doesn't want to use an escort. this will be a cheap and easy build, you wont need expensive doffs to make it work

there are 3 good weapon profiles for an excelsior, 8 beam arrays, 4 single cannons with 4 turrets, and a hybrid with a DBB, 3 single cannons, 3 turrets, and 1 beam array.

8 beam array excelsior

TT1, BO2, BO3

EPtW1, EPtS2, AtS2, AtS3


station power long form here


omega deflector
omega engine
maco shield


borg, EPS, 2 neutronium

2 flow cap

3 energy type consoles


TT cooldown reducing conn doffs, shield distribution doffs

this ship will be able to tank well, and throw ALL its heals to allies. it will also be able to deal good pressure damage with the tetryon glider, and have a beam overload spike every 15 seconds. i suggest using an energy type that benefits from flow capacitors like polaron and tetryon. the EPS console will help deal with that BO drain.
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