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Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
dont you have to reach teir 5 in the rep system to trade in marks for dilithium ?
The conversion project is in the upgrade section of the list and is available at tier 0. It requires 5 of the elite drops and rewards 1000 dilithium and requires 15 seconds to run. Since its in the upgrade list it will not interfere with your main reputation projects, most of the time the upgrade slot should be empty.

This means that an elite run will result is 1160 dilithum average after 5 runs. The drop is only on elite though so normal will probably end up being 480 only. I did not see any way to trade normal marks for dilithum.

There is NO additional drop besides the marks and elite drop. No loot bags either, regardless of getting the optional. It kind of kills the anticipation of finding out what you will get. Felt a bit like a let down after it was over.