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10-29-2012, 06:15 PM
beam cannon hybrid excelsior

1 DBB, 3 single cannons, 3 turrets, and 1 beam array

TT1, CRF1, BO3

EPtW1, EPtS2, AtS2, AtS3


station power long form here


omega deflector
omega engine
maco shield


1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 neutronium

borg, field projector

3 energy type consoles


TT cooldown reducing conn doffs, shield distribution doffs

this ship will be able to tank well, and throw ALL its heals to allies. a successful BO3 hit from a DBB is a very damaging attack, and backed up by the rapid firing cannons will deal good pressure damage. if a target is out or the firing arc of the DBB, theres a good chance he will be in the act of the aft beam array. this can help keep the pressure on. of all these 3 builds, this will be the best able to get kills, but be the hardest to use effectively.
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