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I have been trying to build up enough dilithium to exchange it for enough ZEN to buy some things on the store, and then I found these surveys that said they gave free ZEN when completed. I was really happy because I could finally find a way to get some of the awesome ships, uniforms, and bundles that are exclusive on the store.

Not only are the surveys not there half the time, they only actually give you the ZEN every one in a hundred times. I would be ok with this, I am just grateful that they offer a different way to get ZEN, if it wasn't for all of the spam emails that now get sent to my email address. These surveys are the worst, and the rest of the offers usually require a credit card, home adress, and other personal information, or even require you to subscribe to something. And the one additional offer that I did do because it was useful to me, and because it gave enough ZEN for an entire exclusive bundle, didn't work. The free trial to Netflix went through on my only credit card, so now I can never do that offer again. The page that I had hoped would give me my ZEN wouldn't load and the connection to the website was lost, which frequently happens on the other offers.

What the hell, Perfect World!? Again, I'm grateful that you are offering ZEN, but at least give it to us instead of getting this damn survey company to screw us over every single time.