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10-29-2012, 07:54 PM
In the planner, I've taken points out of ground, i've done 6 ranks into Power Insulators, and now i have 10,500 skill points remaining. Shall i max out Power insulators, or put more points into weapon performance? (so i can then alter my power settings to accomadate more shield/engine/aux power)

Current power settings are: (No equipment bonuses)
Weapons: 118/90 (+5 from assimilated console not inc.)
Shields: 59/40
Engines: 63/45 (+5 from Assimilated Sub transwarp engines normally not inc.)
Aux: 39/25

Also, this is helping so far, thanks a lot!

On the DOFF front, the conns are allowing me to run tac team constantly, plus i've got the boost to my attack patterns skill, I can cut it down to two conns without compromising recharge time/ buffs. However, i can ditch them all together for something else. I've got a shields ditribution officer in their and a damage control engineer, not sure which to go with 2 or 3 of.