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10-29-2012, 07:16 PM
"Bring a Vesta to beat a Vesta" is the worst kind of degenerate PvP. I'm absolutely serious. It's the perfect example of why of the Vesta, based on what's been leaked and inferred of its abilities, is bad. It's looking like it'll be your wrench, screwdriver, drill, saw, and hammer all of which can change size to fit the task at hand, all in one convenient package without a meaningful trade off. If you had such a tool, it would instantly obsolete all of those individual tools. In business and technological development, that's in many ways a good thing, as often the advances that lead to that expand into other areas and revolutionize other industries, which feedback and revolutionize even more industries. A game is not an industry in such a fashion as these developments don't tend happen as the players that are using the tools are basically stuck where they are.

In virtually every really, truly good PvP game each character has a clear weakness, and those that don't have a specific weakness, are never as good as a specialized character/unit at its niche. When you have a character that does everything and well, they almost always have some tangible weakness: low damage output, fragility, short ranged, or high-risk/moderate rewards. Any lack of durability the Vesta might have will almost certainly be more than made up for by its ability to CC* its opponent, proactively mitigating damage. The ability to slot movement-impairing CC in hangars removes the need to use you BOFF stations for movement control powers, opening up space for more healing or more devastating lockdown-type crowd control (VM, Energy Siphons, and Shockwaves come to mind).

*Crowd Control: This refers, most specifically, to those abilities that inhibit and impair an opponent's ability to operate effectively, and not specifically its ability to deal damage in a large area.