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Ok after trying to solo this due to people warping out and not being patient enough to heard the gekli to the feeding ground, here is what I have figured out.

Hearding them is simple: just stay behind them and be on the opposite side of where you want them to go (stay at full impulse and don't go to fast but keep your distance a tad so you can position to allow change in direction).. this is the same method used to heard animals to where they need to go.

1. take your time and slowly heard the Pod leaders first to the new feeding ground (they will constanly fire at the undine ships once they get there)

2. You need to heard the newborns and adults inside the bubble for them to feed and to count towards the objective count.

3. Need a few people to stay around the second feeding ground to prevent certain gekli moving out of the bubble area and diminishing the count.

I want to knock off the trophy off my list and in order to do so I am looking for a few people to help me do this that are patient enough for this, this is less about shooting a target, but rather more about patience, i cannot stress that enough.

This is not bugged. This just requires team work. If you are willing to help me get this out of the way then please ingame contact me via /channel_join SSR or pm me directly @xTH3xR34P3Rx
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