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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
ENS slots are useless on tactical escorts. You have to leave it empty or lose a useful weapon for a weapon of lesser quality or different type (i.e. dual beam bank or torpedo) just to make an excuse to use that ENS slot.

Why? Becuase the CRF and CSV skills start at LT. Why? They are used since from the lowest tiers on up. It hurts when you can't slot them on the ENS slots. That would free up the upper slots for attack patterns or higher skills.

It also hurts battlecruisers and cruisers, which have an ENS and LT tac slot. You HAVE to slot beams on some of them. You can't put CRF on an ENS slot, meaning 2 of your 3 are useless for cannon builds. And yes, even on cruisers you can mount single cannons. They have slightly higher DPS but the power drops off further at range. The problem, however, is that if you mount them you don't get CSV for personal defense against plasma torps or fighters. With beams you get FAW, but you can't mount CSV.

Frankly, this limits the use of single cannons too much. It also limits the use of cannons (which are useful on some ships, such as battlecruisers).

The other option is to run an escort with beams. That means DBBs and arrays in the aft. Folks may mock you, but you can nail it down very tight to do some good damage with BO and FAW at higher ranks, but you can also fill in that random ENS slot with a spare FAW1 or BO1 or whatever you liike. The problem is that even if you refined this as much as possible it still isn't going to do as much as a cannon build. Why force you into using an undesirable weapon type JUST because that's the only thing that fits in this spare slot?

I think also if you moved the mine dispersals down 1 rank each, you could move Beta1 or Alpha1 to that extra ENS slot, perhaps.

Unlike the SCI and ENG skillsets, the TAC skills have an overabundance of high-end skills and very few on the lower end. This would shift them down and balance things out.

So please make CSV1, CRF1, Dispersal Alpha1, Dispersal Beta1 all ENS level.

Please make CSV2, CRF2, DA2, DB2, all LT level.

Please make CSV3, CRF3, DA3, DB3, all LtCDR.
tac ensign slots useless? where do you think you place your tactical teams? granted if you run a defiant with 3 tac bridge officers and a all cannon build then yes there is one wasted ensign slot but ships with 2 tac officers those slots are valuable.