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I appreciate your assumption about what's going on in my head.. didn't realize you could read minds! Perhaps next time you can ask my permission before reading & analyzing my mind? Thank you.

Anyways I actually do read Memory Alpha as I see fit, but the difference is I am willing to fill in the gaps in order to satisfy any non-canon introduced mechanics into canon so I can have a enjoyable experience with the game.

Just the same as I filled it in with Star Trek Armada I with the Galaxy class having quantum tops and all sorts of those special powers across several ST games.

Fact being though this is the Devs world. Told from their perspectives, their minds (mostly. Restricted by engine, coding complexity etc.). I would LOVE some of these inconsistencies with canon and STO fixed, but considering balancing (being the biggie -- imagine needing 200+ member raid to in-canon take out a tac cube!!), the immense complexities of MMO software coding packages, and other computing restrictions.. if you want to enjoy the game, you gotta loosen up on the canon interpretations some, just like any other ST game.

I'll put a ST DVD into the Blu Ray player when I want total 100% canon.
Canon is just a guidline from where to start. The Devs have made ships fit their own likes and not let the player have a say in it. Thats where many fans are not happy. I think you have your Star Trek games mixed up. There are no Galaxy Class in Star Trek Armada I, the were in Armada II and ships are not customizable just upgraded. Those torpedos are orange photon torpedos. Only in Starfleet Command III, ships are customizable with weapons, shields, and warp cores. You was just limited to how many weapons were allowed to be put on certain ships. That game is the closest to canon out of all the Star Trek games. The performence of the ship was based on the experience of your crew instead of pormance coming from factory specs. I miss that game.

In this game, in the name of balance they so called cripple one type of ship to let another fit a role. They have gotten carried away with it. Now we have nerfed torpedos, overpowered cannons, and indefensible science abilities. We have one group of ships dominating all the others. Would you say thats balance?