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Originally Posted by mrtshead View Post
I was going to try to respond to you point by point, but it just got silly, so I'll try this:

First, you have no idea what my wishes are, but even if you were right that my only reason for opposing you is that I don't want to lose the 'privileged' status of escorts, that doesn't mean I'm wrong about how dumb canon is as a yardstick.

In fact, everything else that you said about bias etc PROVES my first point - you are deciding which canon YOU like, and discarding anything else, because the canon is so inconsistent that you can do so.

For example, where is your canon source for how (say) the Prometheus and Galaxy classes compare? I'll give you a hint - there ISN'T one. They never go toe-to-toe in the shows, and they are never directly compared side to side. So, now what? We know that both ships are considered by their respective fans as 'the best', and there's no 'objective' canon to guide us as to who wins, so what do we do? No matter what decision we make, it will always involve some measure of 'personal bias' as you put it.

Here's the long and short of it: You have an agenda, you want cruisers to be made more powerful by hook or by crook because you are dissatisfied with how your favorite ship operates, and you are reaching for 'canon' to try to justify your feelings. You are also consistently misrepresenting your personal opinions, biases, and observations as 'fact', when they are nothing of the kind. The fact is that in this game, the Devs made the decision that cruisers were going to be tanks/healers, escorts would do damage, and sci would be debuff/CC. The extent to which they hit those design goals may be up in the air, but that is the theory. If you don't like, it, fine - but don't expect a total overhaul of the fundamental game design theory to match your own bias.
Name some canon inconsistancies thats relevant to what we are talking about, Torpedos.
You are right, you only want the escort to be the dominating force. When you are on the receiving end of all the goodies, of course you not going to to see the unfairness. It would be a conflict of interest for you to judge whats ging on in this game. Unfortunately, this game consist of more than just you or one group of people. The balance got away from this game when all the rewards went to the ship getting the most kills. The balance got away when only escorts hog all the vary rare End Game gear while cruisers and other types get common gear. The balance got away when the PVP arenas became dominated by escorts and lock box ship that tank and DPS.

If I wanted to be bais then I would ask for the cruisers to be the best ships in the game, but you did not see any such words coming for me.