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as it stands now, a GOOD sci/sci focusing on you will leave you all but helpless and defenseless, basically leaving you crippled with 75% to 100% up time. but, its unlikely they will have the firepower to actual kill you even in that state, thats what team work is for.

this vesta is going to have VASTLY enhanced movement control for absolutely free thanks to runabouts, on top of every other sci/sci trick. and then it will beat on you with its 3 DHCs, dealing near escort damage, when you are at your most vulnerable. it can do this all by itself.

i really shouldn't have to explained why this all in 1 with 0 downsides is a VERY BAD thing. and no, it will have no actual downsides, you can count on it.
Agreed, agreed, agreed. The big question, as noted above by somebody else, is a turnrate. DHC on a ship with 9-10 turnrate is only minimally impressive and won't do much against faster moving escorts and even the new timeships. Cruisers are of course a diff. story.

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